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The Golden Blues Scheme.

The Golden Blues Scheme, was created in response to the increasing demand from serving and retired police officers, with many having become disenfranchised with the diminishing levels of personal cover from their current federation policies or indeed no insurance in place due to rising costs due to age and medical history.

In association with Revilo Life, our team of dedicated insurance and protection specialists began to focus on comparable products and policies, offering alternate levels of cover and protection with a view that we could achieve more collectively; and ensure that levels of cover suited your individual growing requirements.

Better Buying Power

Power in numbers to challenge the insurance industry for enhanced policies and lower premiums

We're Fairer & Cheaper

Able to obtain policies that are free of medical underwriting to give a fairer, cheaper premium to all members

Gold Customer Service

Effective claims management, communication is our strength in delivering a fair claims process.

Claims Handling + Support

Clients receive the same level of focused commitment and expertise when the policy is called upon in the event of a claim

A Member Led Network.

The scheme, brings together the requirement for an independent ‘member-led’ network, accessing policies not otherwise available to individuals, and free of medical underwriting. Group Schemes offer the opportunity to bring buying power to an insurer combined with specialist needs and insurance criteria so we can essentially custom make a policy that suits the members core criteria, hence the ability to offer real alternatives.


How We Deliver Our Services

If you need to submit a claim, we will fully assist you to make sure that you have the best information available and every assistance you require. We are acting for you, not the insurers.

The How

How are we seeking to deliver this new opportunity?

Critical to the ‘How’ has to be the Broker and associated companies we have built relationships with on your behalf. We needed a talented Broker who has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the business who possesses our vision, drive and determination and a desire to deliver this opportunity in a manner that fits with our own values.

Firstly, we will put the member at the heart of everything we seek to both achieve and deliver. We want to deliver a customer-focussed company that puts your interests ahead of ours. We also want to have fully inclusive policies that provide membership until the day you no longer need an insurance policy.


The Broker

Our chosen Broker is Revilo Life, a part of the ever growing Revilo Group of Companies. The Managing Director of Revilo Life is Jemma Holden, working tirelessly to provide policies which deliver on our goal to provide improvements.

This hasn’t been easy in a risk-averse industry sector with fairly rigid rules and regulations where trying to move away from the norm brings with it risk. They have knocked on the right doors and have people sitting up listening.

The Policies

We are committed to providing policies that provide improved levels of cover, competitively priced that are available to everyone, especially those over 70 years of age. We cannot say that there will never be increase in premiums but what we can say is that where we are subject to increases, we will negotiate vigorously on your behalf. We will never get into a situation where we accept rises without challenge. Where we do learn of increases in cost we will look, if necessary, to place that policy with another underwriter. You will also receive timely reminders that policies are due for renewal and how much that renewal will cost. We are working for you


The Promise

The promise is that we will put your needs and requirements first and always act in your interest. If you need to submit a claim, we will fully assist you to make sure that you have the best information available and every assistance you require. We are acting for you, not the insurers.


The Members

In this industry, numbers equal strength and bargaining power. We will continually seek to increase the membership whilst putting you at the heart of everything we seek to achieve and putting you first. Having greater numbers gives us greater manoeuvrability and voice as we negotiate the best deals for you.

Benefits Of Membership

Having found that many insurance products do not always provide the covers you expect or need we at The Golden Blues along with our partners at Revilo Life have specifically designed a product, which offers extensive and affordable personal protection cover in the areas of risk.

The sole purpose of The Golden Blues is to provide a member focused complete ‘wrap around’ product, which can be relied upon in times of personal crisis, injury, sickness and Legal assistance when you need it most. We have worked very closely with Revilo Life and The Golden Blues Network (legal advisors) to provide members access to this unique services package with a range of offerings that protects you in every walk of life.

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By joining The Golden Blues, you will become part of an unprecedented and exciting journey. Your membership will not only provide you access to unique and discounted personal insurance products but will also give you exclusive access to a wide range of other member benefits. With your continued support The Golden Blues aim to seek out and invest in market leading products and services for you, the sole focus of our company.

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  • Legal Support
  • Discounted holidays
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Insurance Protection for the Emergency services family

It's always sad to hear about current or former police officers who’ve been left out of pocket due to lack of knowledge or understanding with regards to the insurance products they may or may not be entitled to have. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive and affordable insurance scheme to provide wide ranging cover for your professional and personal life, so you feel confident to do your job with one less worry in the back of your mind.

Personal Protection

If you find yourself seriously injured or worse, we provide a personal protection policy for accidents, sickness, broken bones and dislocations along with hospitalisation and funeral benefits.

Whether you are on the job or at home, our personal accident policy covers you for injury loss of limbs, loss of hearing, loss of sight and varying degrees of disablement. Our cover ensures no matter what life throws at you, you are able to keep going, ensure you get back on your feet and take care of your family. The cover is worldwide, 24/7. You will even be covered should you spend time in a UK hospital due to injury or illness. Should you need it you will have access to a wealth of experts and their resources to ensure you have every chance possible to maintain yours and your family’s health and wellbeing, whether that be a general wellbeing issue or coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, you will have free and unlimited access to this dedicated service. On a more severe note you will also have the peace of mind in the event that should the worst happen your family will receive a lump sum with our accidental death and funeral cover relieving the financial burden this could cause.

We don’t ask any health questions when you take out the cover, which means the cover is available to all, regardless of medical history.

Worldwide Family Travel Insurance

Cover up to benefit limits to protect and reimburse you for costs and expenses incurred while on holiday due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances including cancellation and up to 65 days travel.

Cover is available for all as long as the cover is taken out before your 79th Birthday. Once on the scheme and the direct debit and renewals are maintained, there is no upper age limit.

This is a very comprehensive level of travel cover and one unique to Goldenblue members only, it is not available to the general public.

Mobile Phone Insurance

With the ever-increasing capabilities of our mobile phone devices, their importance and our reliance on them grows too. Therefore, we have provided mobile phone insurance as an option to all Goldenblue members. Should your phone become damaged, develop a fault or become unusable, your cover will look to repair or replace, getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Should your phone become lost a stolen, a replacement will be sent. This cover can be taken out more than once, it may be that you have a mobile for business and a mobile for pleasure or your partner may wish to protect their phone, either are possible with the option to take out multiple policies.

Child’s Cover

On top of your personal protection, we also have the option to protect any children you may have in the form of our Child’s cover. Anyone with children knows that accidents can and do happen. Should your little (or big) ones suffer an accident, which results in a broken bone, a permanent injury, total permanent disablement or death, a lump sum will be paid. A child’s stay in any UK hospital is also covered in the event of an accident or sickness. Our child cover will also cover the diagnosis of cancer.

Again, no health questions are asked about your child, as long as they aged between 6 months and 18 years (or 23 if in full-time education) this cover can be taken out at any time.

Motor Assistance & Breakdown Cover

We have also built in motor breakdown cover for those times when your vehicle gives up the ghost. Cover includes; roadside assistance, roadside repairs, recovery service, home breakdown in the UK and Europe.

With a 24-hour helpline service, you can also include your spouse or partner’s vehicle at an additional premium.

Private Medical Insurance

Should you wish to take out private Medical cover we offer a personalised service where you will speak to our specialist who can look to provide you with a bespoke quotation. Due to the complex nature of the private medical industry we will ensure we provide you with the most suitable cover based on your medical history, any existing cover you may have and the budget you are working wihtin. We offer a ‘menu style’ option where you can pick and choose which elements you want/need and which you don’t, making sure you only pay for the cover required.

Our private medical cover will also provide you and your family with a huge range of additional benefits at no additional cost, from discounted European flights, gym membership discounts and even Cinema tickets. One particular aspect we can advise on is the Travel Insurance and Overseas medical cover with is completely unique to the private medical cover and if chosen as one of your ‘menu’ options can provide a huge 120 days cover per trip!

NO Fees

Whatever your current circumstances, the search for the right mortgage product can be a bit of a minefield. The team at Revilo are here to take all the confusion out of getting a mortgage.

No Broker Fees just 100% FREE Personalised Advice

A free independent mortgage advisory service from start to finish. While most mortgage brokers will charge you a hefty fee for using their service, we don’t. Our service is funded entirely by mortgage lenders, so you can bid farewell to advice fees. Did we mention we’ll even do all the paperwork for you? No obligation. Just specialist advice free of broker fees.

Whole of Market Comparison

We compare 1000s of products to find the one best suited to your needs. Our advisors have access to hundreds of mortgage products across the whole of market, and unlike online comparison sites, our advisors tailor your remortgage to fit your personal circumstances – there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach.

A Specialist Advisor Working on Your Behalf

We will find you the best deal available, for your current circumstance. Your personal mortgage advisor will complete all of the relevant paperwork for you, liaising with solicitors, lenders and surveyors throughout the process, to make sure your mortgage is in place as smoothly as possible.

At Revilo we believe everyone has the right to free independent mortgage advice, whatever your circumstance. Whether you prefer to deal with us online, over the phone, or in branch over a hot cup of coffee – the choice is yours! What can we help you with?
  • First Time buyer
  • Remortgage
  • Moving Home
  • Buy to Let
  • Help To Buy
  • New Build
  • Right to Buy
  • Shared Equity

The People - Who we are

Our directors are experienced police officers and lawyers. We know how important your legal issues are to you, and how stressful they can be if not dealt with quickly, properly and expertly.

Martin Harding
Martin Harding

Director, The Golden Blues Ltd

Martin provides our valued link to the emergency services, a retired Police Officer who served for over 30 years, he etched out an extremely successful career, culminating in him achieving the rank of Superintendent, and operating at the very top of the organisational management structure, with core responsibility for the management of thousands of officers and civilian staff and also for ensuring the quality delivery of service to the residents and visitors to the Greater Manchester area.

Jemma Holden

Managing Director - Revilo Life

Revilo Life was set up by Jemma Holden who wanted to demystify the world of insurance and ensure the delivery of fair, transparent impartial advice. Advice provided by Revilo Life ensures adequate and water tight policies are proposed, which in turn helps to limit disputes over a claim. Working within the insurance sector for more than a decade, Jemma has experience, knowledge and drive to bring schemes like this to market.

Data sharing

In order for us to carry out our role, we will share your enquiry details with the law firm who we think are best suited to help you.
The law firm will in turn share the following information with us about your case:

• When you engage them, and what you engage them to do
• When and how much you pay them
• When they finish your case

Any other information about your case is confidential between you and the law firm, and will not be released to us unless you specifically authorise it A free service to you as members of Goldenblues - Goldenblues network do not charge you for this service. Our running costs are paid by our panel law firms and they will not pass those costs on to you.

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